The pedagogical guide

In the framework of the Erasmus + Vabiola strategic partnership project, the partners have committed to develop three intellectual productions. The pedagogical guide is an essential starting point for the creation of the “Vabiola App” – a digital, agile and flexible version of the language portfolio – and for the pathway to its use. Indeed, based on a detailed analysis of language policies and the use of the ELP in the different contexts of the partnership (in terms of strengths/weaknesses and potential to be developed), the pedagogical guide aims to collect the needs of the future recipients of the application, i.e. the students, but also those of the educational community (in particular parents and teachers), in order to bring out the practices of valuing plurilingual and intercultural skills.

This guide will therefore serve as a basis for thinking about, creating, and improving the electronic application (usable on smartphone, tablet, and computer), which is intended to be a tool that will promote awareness, the development of linguistic skills (taught or non-teaching languages, family, regional, signs) of all users, and openness to other languages and cultures.

In the guide you will find in particular:

  • an overview of European and national language policies and the use of the European language portfolio in its various versions in the countries of the partnership
  • an analysis of the needs of the different territories according to the different audiences (students, teachers, parents)
  • a series of proposals to support the digital portfolio approach

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